Top 10 Rules for Healthy Eating

Ever hear that saying that “less is more”. Well, there’s a lot of truth in that, especially when it comes to food & nutrition. There are many nutritional gurus that provide in-depth diet plans and spout nutritional advice that is both complicated to understand and also hard to follow. This is especially the case if you are just considering making changes in how you eat, and is often enough to discourage you from doing so. This is not what you need.

You also don’t need the latest diet fad. Studies have proven that these fad diets don’t work, and that nearly all of them cause people to actually gain their weight back (and more) because they are not sustainable in the long run. Their main purpose is “usually” to make the person that creates them fame & fortune.

The same goes for most of what you hear and read on the internet and in the media. Very little of this is actual researched information, and is only spread to sell “something”, whether that be a program, product, service, or simply traffic to a website for advertising sales. This “Nutritional Propaganda” is not the kind of help people need. They, and maybe you, need simple rules to follow and education on how to make them work in your life.

My approach to eating with wisdom is anything but complicated, and is really quite simple. I can, and will, delve deeper into each of these items in other posts in greater detail, but to give you an understanding of my personal nutritional philosophy, here are my top 10 rules for healthy eating:

  1. Eat whole, raw foods, as close to their natural state as possible.
  2. Buy organic whenever possible to avoid toxins and additives.
  3. Reduce or eliminate refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  4. Drink an adequate quantity of pure water daily.
  5. Eat a variety of nutrient-dense (not calorie-dense) healthy foods.
  6. Buy locally grown produce and ethically raised meats, or raise your own.
  7. Eliminate white flour, refined grains, and processed foods.
  8. Eat healthy fats, and insure you get enough essential fatty acids.
  9. Practice portion control based on your personal requirements.
  10. Enjoy what you eat. It isn’t just fuel for your body… it’s also food for the soul.

In a nutshell, that’s it! Don’t over-think it, and don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking this is too hard for you to do. By making gradual, simple changes you can be on the road to better health.

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Have a “Super, Natural” Day!

Chef Kevin Wagner RNCP
Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

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