Eating With Wisdom Is Expanding!

Eating With Wisdom is Expanding!

Having been in business for just under 2 years now, it’s been exciting to watch the development of this entity I created known as Eating With Wisdom. While I did have a detailed business plan and a solid concept of what my business “should” look like, I must say that developments of the past few months have surpassed even my expectations.

Since I began my nutritional practice in March of 2017, more and more of my clients have become successful in getting their health issues under control, and as is often the case they have been sharing their positive experiences with others. And in all small communities, when people talk, others listen.

With my focus on holistic healing through nutrition combined with my passion to educate the public on cannabis as THE alternative to a lifetime of pharmaceutical drug addiction, my popularity has spiked over the past few months. Referrals have been pouring in as more and more people contact me, desperately in need of help for chronic health issues that they can no longer find help with through the medical system. While many have had great success with my nutritional protocols, many more have finally found relief through cannabis seed oil and pure CBD oil.

As such, I have become the informal cannabis/CBD advisor for many in the area looking for a voice of reason. People have come to trust my advice on cannabis because I not only advise from years of research and documentation, I do so from the knowledge that it is my life-saver… or at the very least, a life-extender by many years past current medical assumption. To say I have a vested interest in the power of cannabis as medicine would be a gross understatement! I live with it, and because of it, daily!

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t have requests for information, education, advice, or CBD products themselves. These numbers have now gotten to the point where I have no choice but to expand the scope of my business…

Starting over the next couple weeks, I will begin seeing clients at the Bear River Community Health Center on the River Road. I will be providing nutritional consulting services as well as CBD consultations for anyone interested in learning more about this life-changing plant-based oil. Once I determine the best schedule for both my clients and myself I will post it on Facebook and on posters at the Health Center. It may be half days here and there, or full days if the need is there, weekly or bi-weekly as required.

I feel blessed to be expanding my operations and am truly grateful for all those requesting my help, but at the same time feel a personal pressure to help as many people as I can. I hope that by having an office in a central location I can do just that.

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I look forward to seeing you soon!

Chef Kevin