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Chef Kevin Wagner

My wellness business, Eating With Wisdom, came into being early in 2017. It is the culmination of many personal experiences, combined with a life-long hunger for knowledge, and driven by my passion for natural health and holistic well-being. So to give you a better understanding of who I am and what makes me tick, here’s some insight into this latest evolution…

I was born into a family of two great cooks, and grew up watching them run a successful family restaurant right here in sleepy little Bear River, Nova Scotia. Once I was old enough, I started working there to get my first experience in restaurant cooking. That young start was enough to plant the seeds of entrepreneurial spirit so critical for a long career in this business. I have since discovered that my ancestors in Germany ran Inns in the 1600’s, so apparently it is also a genetic condition 🙂

After formally training to become certified as a Red Seal cook in my early 30’s I then spent years honing my skills at various establishments to gain broad knowledge of everything from hotel and resort cooking, to institutional and conference foodservice.

In 2002, I formed my first catering/personal Chef business as Cooking Solutions, which had a very successful 10 year run before I packed it in to accept a full-time Chef-Manager position with a local hospitality company. This was a very “enlightening” experience, but after 3 years it was time for change once again. After taking some time off to consider my options my direction became clear…

Having been diagnosed in Dec 2006 with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I have managed to keep this “chronic condition” (as I look at it) at bay to this day by researching and practicing holistic nutritional cancer protocols. This wake-up call has instilled a passion for qualified nutritional knowledge, but it became evident that I needed a formal education to have a better understanding of the intricacies of the human body and the huge role nutrition plays in our overall health. In 2015 I decided to train as a holistic nutritionist through Alive Academy’s Nutritional Practitioner Program and after graduating became certified as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner with the I.O.N.C early this year. In creating “Eating With Wisdom”, it now allows me to combine all these life experiences and education into a very personalized wellness business, enabling me to help countless people on their own journey to wellness, whatever that means for them.

As a Personal Chef and Instructor, I have become very well-known throughout Southwestern Nova Scotia for high-quality meals, impeccable personal service, and nutritional knowledge on nearly any topic that I have shared with my clients from my many years of catering, and through the teaching of over 1500 culinary education classes and instructional live cooking demonstrations.

With my background in providing motivational food education combined with a degree in holistic nutrition, I can not only advise on ways to improve the quality of your diet & lifestyle, but can also show you how to create delicious meals from the healthiest of ingredients.

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Chef Kevin Wagner RNCP
Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

Eating With Wisdom – Nutritional Consulting & Personal Chef Services
Bear River, NS

“Healing With Whole Foods & Home Cooking!