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Really?… You Do House Calls???

As a throwback to a simpler time & place, I believe we need to return to many of the traditional practices that showed respect and value for each individual. So in these days of medical clinic visits and “Take a Number” mechanical efficiency, I am, to my knowledge, the only nutritional consultant in Southwest Nova Scotia that offers their services in the form of “house calls”. In other words, instead of working in a regular clinical office space I prefer to come to your home, in surroundings where you are most comfortable and visit with you there. It is a unique way to provide nutritional consulting that my clients have come to appreciate, and build strong relationships that are the basis of motivational counseling, which is where all positive lifestyle changes begin.

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Professional Nutritional Counselling

A cooperative partnership between you as a client and myself as your counselor, enabling us to understand your issues and find ways to holistically bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance…

Holistic Cancer-Focused Nutrition

Education on the most promising alternative approaches to cancer nutrition, both for preventative and therapeutic purposes…

Personal Dietary Assessments

An in-depth analysis of your diet involving various food monitoring methods, followed by a nutritional computerized calculation of your overall nutrient intake to determine excesses or deficiencies.

In-Home Personal Chef Training

If you require hands-on assistance in learning how to make healthier foods or meals, as a Chef & instructor with many years experience I can come to your kitchen and provide the training you require.

Healthy Meal Plans & Recipes

A personalized meal plan with recipes can be provided if required, based on the results of my detailed nutritional assessment of your needs.

Nutritional Education Workshops

From time to time I will be providing my services to educate, enlighten, and inform those in need of nutritional knowledge at various workshops and wellness programs.

Cooking Lessons & Food Demos

As an experienced Chef-instructor, I will be designing and hosting nutritionally-focused cooking lessons, and also healthy food demonstrations at various venues throughout the local area…

Online Dietary Consultations

For clients that live some distance away, I will be able to provide video, email, or phone consultations for their dietary issues.

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Have a “Super, Natural” Day!

Chef Kevin Wagner RNCP
Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

Eating With Wisdom – Nutritional Consulting & Personal Chef Services
Bear River, NS

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