Pricing for Nutritional Services

Since I provide such a wide range of services, fees for these will vary accordingly.

For nutritional counselling, including cancer-related nutritional protocols, in-home personal Chef training sessions, group cooking lessons & live food demonstrations, and online dietary consultations the standard rate is $60 per hour, unless otherwise discussed in advance.

Pricing for individualized dietary assessments and meal plans (with recipes) will depend on the amount of time required to specifically advise on your particular health issue(s). Theses are based on a detailed questionnaire that covers your past health history & areas of current concern, your food preferences, supplement & pharmaceutical medication list, and your eating habits and lifestyle. Unless there is additional research required to get to the bottom of a chronic nagging issue these usually cost $60.

Research and the compilation of nutritional data to provide additional information over and above the standard nutritional assessment of your health issue(s) is priced at $30 per hour. This could include drilling deeply into the very latest cancer research specific to a particular client, or larger projects such as extensive corporate wellness programs and courses. While I have broad knowledge pertaining to most day-to-day nutritional needs, independent research is sometimes required to provide the most effective targeted approach for your particular health concern and must be based on qualified, reliable sources of the latest research information and documented reports, much of which is updated almost daily. Knowledge is power, and the extra effort may be just what you need to get to the bottom of a years-long chronic health problem…

Nutritional education workshops, holistic retreats, and nutritionally-focused catering for small events are priced based on the scope of the event. Contact me to discuss the concept your event and I will put together a quote.

“Bundle-pricing” of nutritional assessments and menu planning for couples and families is also available. I know how expensive everything is these days, and I am more interested in seeing my clients get control of their health than I am in making sure I am paid full price for everything I do. Here’s the thing… if I charge you so much for my services that you can’t afford to buy the food you need to make positive changes in your health it won’t do much good will it? So I let common sense and fairness guide me in providing you with an easy-to-follow and affordable path to optimum health. It’s hard enough without me making it even harder on your wallet…