Chef Kevin WagnerWhy does it have to be so hard? Eating With Wisdom I mean. There’s so much confusion about what eating healthy means these days, but it never used to be that way. It may be hard to believe when looking at our modern world of processed food made by corporate food factories, but there actually was a time when folks knew what healthy food was without being told by the latest “food guru” what they should eat. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick & tired of having to sift through misguided nutritional information and outright deception by those who stand to gain from keeping the public in a state of constant confusion (Insert greedy entity of choice here).

Long ago, in a land NOT so far away, people either grew and raised almost everything they ate, and if not, they hunted wild meats and foraged for wild plants, berries and fruits to round out their diet. In some remote pockets of society they still do, but these are the exception, not the norm. There was never a designation for “natural” food. All food was natural, as it should be. The need for us to label things as natural today is the result of nearly everything in our modern diets being man-made creations filled with unpronounceable ingredients. And by the way… even the “Natural” label on your food is a man-made marketing creation which means very little…

“We know there is a deep reservoir of food wisdom out there, or else humans would not have survived to the extent we have. Much of this food wisdom is worth preserving and reviving and heeding.” ~ Michael Pollan

So what’s a guy to do these days? How do you really “eat with wisdom” while being bombarded with all the crap “They” want you to swallow (literally)? The answer is simple, but certainly not easy for many. For those who truly value their health, walking away from the world of processed food will come easy, especially once they see and feel the results for themselves.

For most folks though, it will require the painful “unlearning” of a lifetime of brainwashing by global food giants and media misdirection who have done a great job of convincing you that factory food production can do a better job of making food than you can. If you are one of those people in this position, and ready to learn the ways of a healthy lifestyle, then I’m ready to show you how…

As a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, a Chef with well over 30 years experience, a popular cooking instructor and personal chef, and a positive motivational counselor, I have all the skills in my toolbox to help you on your personal journey back to optimal health and being the best “YOU” that you can be!

Why suffer through another day of eating crap and feeling like, well, crap? Drop me a line today to get started…

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Have a “Super, Natural” Day!

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