All-Natural Flu Shot

Flu shot or no flu shot, that is the question…

It’s started again. By that I mean the mass media marketing campaign promoting this year’s pharmaceutical cocktail they call “The Flu Shot”. Thanks for the dire warnings, but I’ll pass, thank you. Why you might ask? Well, one reason is that I’m opposed to putting chemicals and dead viruses in my body for a 50% chance of avoiding the flu. The second reason is that I’ve got a secret weapon that works better than any flu shot, and YOU need to know about it.

First off, let me qualify this article by saying that this is not a recommendation for you to avoid getting the flu shot. It is my personal decision not to, based on my own research into alternative natural ways to enhance my innate immune system, which is the body’s own natural defense system. It is my opinion, and that of most natural practitioners, that a healthy, optimally functioning immune system is by far the best way to avoid getting seriously ill from germs, viruses and microbes. What follows is one of the best way to do so, based on solid scientific research…

My secret weapon is a naturally sourced immune modulator which acts to enhance the intelligence of your immune system, educating it about what to attack, and what to leave alone, which for the purpose of this article is the flu virus. This is NOT to be confused with an immune stimulator, as there is a huge difference between the two processes. Constant immune stimulation is actually dangerous for extended periods as it wears down your immunity by tiring it out from being on guard constantly. Modulation simply puts X-ray goggles on your immune response cells allowing them to see better, and then allows your immunity to function as it should in recognizing viruses and foreign antibodies and formulating its own attack mechanisms, including memorizing this for later use. This is especially important for things such as the flu virus and other infectious entities that can reoccur later, as your immune system needs to be able to recall the best way to deal with these.

The mechanism by which this works goes something like this. Every cell in your human body is covered with glycans, a layer called the glycocalyx. Since the immune system’s job is to patrol and inspect every cell in your body for antigens and harmful entities this glycocalyx layer will be continuously contacted when immune cells go about their business doing their job. At the very moment when an immune cell encounters a suspected problematic cell glycans on the surface of that cell activate a signal to help determine how immune cells will interact. By modulating the response to that signal we can enhance the efficiency of the immune system and create the best chance that it will do what it was designed to do… protect us from invaders.

So now that I have your attention, I’m sure you’re asking… OK, what is your secret weapon? Two words… Beta Glucan. In particular, Beta 1, 3-D Glucan, derived from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, which is the most effective immune modulator on the market. Of these, Transfer Point Glucan 300 has been scientifically proven to be the gold standard by which all others are measured. It is the most potent and pure of all beta glucans available on the market, and Transfer Point in the U.S. provides this product as Beta Glucan 300 to it’s American customers. Beta Glucan Canada has partnered with Transfer Point to provide these benefits to Canadian clients, and so I buy mine here .

Along with protection from viruses, supplementing with Glucan 300 has the unique ability to help with a host of chronic conditions through immune system modulation which helps the trillions of white blood cells throughout your body become smarter and more efficient. There have been thousands of studies showing this product can protect against infections, lower your cholesterol, lower blood sugar, reduce stress, increase your antibody production, heal wounds, help radiation burns,  overcome mercury induced immunosuppression (like thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines), help with diabetes, and even naturally prevent oncogenesis (the development of cancer cells) and metastasis (the spreading of cancer itself).

Once beta glucan goes to work in streamlining the efficiency of the immune system, the body can then move toward homeostasis (balance), thereby allowing innate healing processes to begin. It is drug-free and affordable way to combat infection, reduce inflammation, and insure long-term health.

I always welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to contact me here for more info…